Health Tips: Herbs That Helps To Lower Cholesterol

Do you need to lower cholesterol? Are you hoping to lower your cholesterol naturally rather than resorting to statins or other prescription drugs? Using herbs is the best option to reduce cholesterol in the body other than using amino acids and vitamins. For example, natural spices among other numerous herbs can be used to lower the cholesterol. These herbs are not necessarily packed in capsules but they can be grown in the home garden or pots in the home yard.

It is important to learn how to integrate the herbs in cooking rather than taking another supplement. However, parsley supplement may be the best option for this job. Let’s feature a number of supplements and herbs that may assist to reduce cholesterol value.


How frequently do you cook with parsley? Some individuals may do it often but others may not. The herb is versatile and it is worthy trying. It can be added to salads if you are not sure how to cook it. In addition to reducing cholesterol, the herb is also a remedy for cleansing the blood.

Parsley is a real boost to the body’s health. The herb is considered as the world’s richest sources of chlorophyll. If you really want to use the plant, you do not have to wait until the plant matures but you are recommended to wait for the plant to reach a height of about 2 cm. Obviously parsley is readily available in the grocery store but there is something special about growing your own food, right? Parsley is easy to grow.

The herb when used in cooking, can be added to soups. It tastes great with fish and chicken. Parsley sprouts can be used in cooking with a little bit more spicy taste than a mature plant.
The herb will improve your digestion. It can also be used to make a paste with garlic. Place plenty of parsley in the blender accompanied by about six cloves of garlic. Add some oil and start blending. Eventually, you will have a lasting paste that will taste great when cooked with fish, liver, and chicken. Just keep it in the refrigerator and it will last for about three weeks.

This is another significant herb that can be grown in the home yard pots and can be added when cooking red meat such as lamb and it is of course a staple of pesto. There are various types of the basil herb and depending on which type you use, they all add great taste to your food.

It also blends in perfectly when used with a lot of cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. In most cases the dressing is used with sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and basil. Place the sun-dried tomatoes and basil in a glass bottle and add some olive oil. Put the mixture in a dark cupboard for about six weeks. Your home made dressing should be ready after this period. Leave it for a few hours and enjoy it with a fresh salad. It can be used to complement pastas and salads. It is delicious when poured over fresh goat’s cheese or Greek feta cheese.


Fenugreek is an Indian native herb. It can be used in curry blends and can be bought easily from the grocers. The herb is popular for adding freshness to curries and will enhance the entire flavor combination.

Normally, the plant grows quite tall and flowers during summer with pale yellow and white flowers. It is an attractive border plant in the garden and if planted near the rose flowers, it can help to keep away green fly. It can help with stomach cramps as well as form part of a cholesterol-busting diet.
One can easily make the Fenugreek sprouts by placing the seeds in a tray and allowing them to grow Your plant sprouts can be added in cooking and making salads.
One of the things about exploring alternative foodstuffs which you will be doing as part of your research into cholesterol lowering foods is of course the journey you are about to take. Foods that you never thought to try will now become part of your staple diet and you may even take to gardening!