Memory Improvement



Did you just spend the last 30 minutes circling the block because you cannot for the life of you remember where you parked? Were you almost late for work this morning because you forgot where you placed your car keys? But if you have been forgetful for some time, you’re most likely to remain that way for years to come. You will forget more over the years, in fact. But here’s some good news: you can improve how well you retain facts. The key is making use of techniques on how to improve memory.


Finding out how to improve memory is no rocket science. Some games and exercises help you flex your mental muscles. On top of that, there are also basic things that you can do to help yourself remember things better.


  1. Pay Attention. You cannot remember something unless you focus on it first. So, stop multitasking. Concentrate on getting the information first. It takes roughly eight seconds of focus for the appropriate memory centers in the brain to process a single piece of information. Use these eight seconds well.


  1. Acquire Information According to Your Learning Style. Are you a visual learner? Then you gain information by reading or seeing. If you’re an auditory learner, you will remember information better if you hear them.


  1. Involve Your Senses. Believe it or not, putting your senses to work help you remember better. For instance, try reciting lines. Try relating the information to tastes, smells, textures, and colors as well. The physical act of involving your senses in committing the information to memory helps imprint this data onto your brain better

More Brain Power!

If you’re really serious about discovering how to improve memory, read books and materials that show you precisely how your memory works and how to harness its amazing powers.

Most of us take our memories for granted until one day it no longer works. The name of a movie, a rock star, a song, or even a childhood friend eludes us and it drives us crazy because we know the information is hidden somewhere in our brain, but we just can’t find it! The huge filing cabinet that is your memory is full of memories, short and long term, fresh and old, important and useless, that are not filed quite as neatly as they should. So, when you go to retrieve that information, you just can’t find it.


If you think of your brain as a muscle, one that needs to be exercised regularly to make it work better, you will understand how a brain memory exercise can help you. People who do the daily crossword puzzle every day have memories that are proven to be better than those who don’t. This isn’t by accident – they are flexing their mind and thought muscles every time they complete a puzzle.


There are other types of brain memory exercises that you can do that will help you increase the strength of your thought processes. One game that many people play is with a deck of cards. Try and remember the first five cards you turn over. Once you can do that, try and remember six, and so on. Some people have trained their brains so well that they can remember 52 cards, in order, almost instantly.


One brain memory exercise that we all do regularly is sing along to our favorite songs. But, take the music away and can you still remember the words? Can you write the words down on paper? Try that out and you will see how important brain memory exercises can be to helping you remember information that you already know.