Migraine Relief With Foot Massage Techniques

One of the rare forms of massage that few know of is the use of foot massage techniques to clear a migraine. This is a practice that has been used for many years and it has shown to ease the throbbing effects that a migraine can impart. In massage, the normal procedure is that the masseuse will knead the specific muscles that are causing the discomfort in a person. Through this article, you will learn step-by-step lessons of how foot massage will eventually lead to the resolution of a throbbing headache.

The specific massage procedure that is employed in this procedure is referred to as reflexology. This is a method that employs the use of pressure on some predetermined areas of the feet so as to be able to relieve the painful effects in the brain of a common migraine.

The use of this procedure dates back to ancient Egypt and the Far east where reflexology was commonly used as a medical modality. The popularity of this procedure spread throughout the world and became most prevalent in the western countries in the late 19th century. Today its use has spread to every corner of the world, mainly due to its benefit in the relief that it provides from stress.
Through this procedure, the reflexologist will use a ‘map’ of the feet that is claimed to have all regions of the body represented. This follows research conducted that proves that there is a relationship between the outer skin and the inner skin. The research shows that when pressure is applied to the feet, this directly affects the peripheral nerves. Through the manipulation of the peripheral nerves, the body is freed of the blockages in the peripheral nerves, which goes on to reduce pain and healing time.

According to reflexology, the point in your body that represents the head is the end of the big toe. By the application of pressure temporarily and releasing this region, the pain of a headache that is centered on the temple is reduced. It is suggested that the application of pressure on the big toe of the right foot will resolve a migraine in the left part of the brain while pressure on the left resolves the right part of the brain.

If you also seek to relieve a sinus complaint, it is recommended that pressure be applied to the joint below each toe of the foot. The same squeeze and release technique is used as above to attain the required relief from pain.

For headaches that are felt at the center, front or back of the head, the big toe is massaged through the squeeze and release technique at the top and back. Pinching slightly on the toe is also recommended to attain the desired results.

The use of foot massage in resolving migraines is quite positive, especially due it is a simple and natural procedure that has very few or no side effects. It should however be noted that you do not replace conventional medicine with this therapy. It is a complementary therapy.

If the methods outlined here do not work, it is recommended that you consult a qualified health care professional.